Mending Monday – A little of this and a little of that

Fitting little mending projects in here and there as I can.  This is what I was able to complete since we last talked about such things:

sewed roommate’s pompom back onto her favorite hat
shortened the straps on bridesmaid dress for Niece#1
Added in cups for support and one more layer between her and the really cold weather that we have been having

Double seemed up the small tear in the key pocket of a pair of bf’s running shorts.

“shortened” the zipper run on a pair of bf’s running tights.  the teeth are damaged above this and the zip becomes derailed if allowed to go to far up.

Let the hem down in a pair of second hand pants that I purchased for myself.  Then I re-hemmed them, of course, with a much more narrow hem.

I guess my progress was not too shabby this week.

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