Mending Monday – black denim again & again

I looked for my last mending post regarding these jeans, apparently I hadn’t posted about them.  Let me correct that now.  On November 2nd I worked on mending the worn fabric BF’s jeans.

For this project I used the electric sewing machine,  Pfaff Hobby Quilter. Added the feed dog cover and the embroidery foot.

Starting with the iron on interfacing in black.  The dark interfacing won’t draw as much attention if it peeks through at some future moment.

Using black thread, I sewed forward/backward & left/right over the interfacing and weak worn fabric, essentially creating a darning patch.

Exterior patching job.  not visible while being worn. ;D
Two pairs of freshly patched black denim jeans!

This success lasted as long as it took for BF to check out the repair job.  He immediately discovered a hole.


This hole wasn’t in the weak area that I already patched, it was actually on the seam.  It makes sense that the seam would also be weak, being that it is in the same area. For this repair, I didn’t use the iron-on interfacing.  I just used the darning stitches.  Not just over the actual hole, but also along the edge of the seam.  I went a ways in both directions. Then I used Frey Check to coat the seam as well.

I was very happy to have this complete and off the mending pile.

Remember the curtains that I was hemming by hand?  With all the other projects that I need to have finished for the holidays, I gave up on the hand sewing.  I had 6 left to hem and decided to just get them done.


Using the electric machine, matching thread  & a long stitch (Just in case I may want to take it out and hand finish them at some future date when I have loads of spare time ;D) I quickly finished the remaining stack.  They are folded and bagged headed to the dry cleaner for laundering and ironing.

I feel like I can count this MM as a success.  😀

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