Mending Monday #3

Mending #2

Boot Button.  Notice Pixie supervising closely

Not all mending is with needle and thread.  I have had this pair of Tavistock boots from American Duchess for several years now. I love to wear them, especially in the winter when my ankles get cold. occasionally, when I am buttoning them up (with a button hook) I manage to pull a button off.  Sometimes it is because I have caught the button shank oddly and it open the loop, other time the threads just work there way out of the tiny little gap.  The second was the cause this time.  The picture above is after I had used the “pinchies” (needle nose pliers) to open the shank up.  I then used an upholstery needle to align the perfectly good threads that were still on the boot.  With the shank open and the threads aligned, I was able to poke the shank right though the thread loops.  I used the pinchies to close the shank.  Then I took an extra few minutes to make sure each and every button shank was closed securely on each boot.  It only took a few minutes now and apposed to dealing with a loose or missing button later.

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I did mention that I had the little bells come off my brand new yuletide scarf and that I had to sew them back on.

Mending #4