Mending Monday #2

Mending #1

A co-worker of mine, does Santa gigs every year.  His suit was getting a little bit worn and he asked me to do some changes/repairs.


Over time the belt loops had torn little holes in the fabric that needed to be repaired.  The belt loops also needed to be lowered because Santa has lost some weight.  In the picture you can see where the loops had been before and where I had made the repairs.  I carefully closed the holes by weaving the thread back and forth only picking up threads from the inside of the base layer of the synthetic velvet fabric.  Once I had closed up the holes, I used “Frey check” over my threads.


I lowered the belt loops to wear Mrs. Clause had marked.  I wanted to keep the fabric from tearing out again, so I (very carefully, at the lowest possible setting) ironed on some dark interfacing.  Then I sat down to my trusty treadle machine and put in two lines of stitching for each join.  After which, I carefully cut away any additional interfacing.

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While I was zipping it up on the hanger I also noticed that the zipper was beginning to pull away.  The machine was already threaded with red thread, so I swapped out for my zipper foot and fixed that right up.  I think it turned out pretty good and I should be a shoe-in for the Good Girl list this year!

Mending #3