Monthly Mending ~ June 2021

This is one of those twist hair towels. I had found the button on the bathroom floor. Not knowing what it was for, I picked it up and placed it on the countertop. The next time I attempted to use the towel, it became obvious what the button was for. An easy fix.

Boo-Hiss. Earlier I had repaired my other laundry bag. The little zipper pull had come off this one. It was easy enough to feed it back on it’s tracks before sewing it all back together. Using heavy upholstery thread, a new stop was sewn in. Good as new.

With the nicer weather, I dug through my closet searching for dresses. I hadn’t worn this blue and white one in several years! With glee I put it on, only to discover a very loose button and bar. A couple of stitches and everything was set back to rights.

My second choice, the same day, was this cute pink dress. The buttons at the waist we loose and wobbly. Not so bad as to worry a button would fall off, but enough that it made it easy for them to work out of the button holes while being worn. Added more stitches to the four center buttons to stiffen them up. All better now.