Monthly Mending ~ May 2021

DW’s favorite mask broke the little metal band inside. We can’t be having that. The lining was opened at the seam to be able to get to the broken part. Once open it was easy to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Then, using white thread, closed the seams. Viola!

This was an unsuccessful mend. The little metal piece at the bottom of the zip has come off. Replacement part/tool kit was ordered and promptly put somewhere safe. Really safe. Super safe. OK, I misplaced them. Having found them over the long holiday weekend, I did attempt the fix. I even got a new metal piece attached. But the little tear at the bottom of the zip made it impossible for the metal piece to work properly or even stay on. 🙁 Having contacted the manufacturer, they referred me to a mender that they use. I will be sending it off to be fixed.

These two masks were made and gifted for Christmas 2020. Finding out that the elastic straps were much to small, I offered to replace them with longer ones. Having made the original ones with super tiny stitches, it was a bit of a struggle to cut out the seams without cutting holes in the fabric. I had to go very careful and slowly. Being that I was unable to locate all the flat elastic I know I have… I used the narrow cord elastic. I was worried the stitches, no matter how small, would not hold the cords effectively. Using fabric glue and pinch clips to start with, followed up with tiny stitches I am pretty sure they are now sturdy.

My son surprised me with this wonderful apron! I was unable to get the neck strap to stay up successfully. Again with the fabric glue and pinch clips, I added strips of Velcro. Again, success!