Monthly Mending – May/June 2022

Fixing Flannel PJs:

This was not so much of a “fix” as an alteration. It never ceases to amaze me how fast children grow. Both Gson#1 and Gson#2 could still fit their PJs around the waists. The length of the legs was an entirely different situation. I brought both home with me to make some grandma magic.

I love this linen wrap around day dress. This was something that I had purchased on the last shopping trip I had with my momma before she passed away. It is cool to wear in the heat of summer, always fits just right because it is a wrap around dress, and I always think of momma when I wear it. I was bummed when son pointed out that their was tearing at the opening for the wrap around strap to pass through. The very next day, I sat down to finish this fairly simple repair. Using a needle and thread I started that the bottom of the outside working my way up until at the top of the torn out stitches. Because it is lined, I turned the dress to the inside and continued sewing with the same thread. This time going from the bottom to the top of the tear. For the top it was the same repair, only I started at the top of the outside, worked down until reaching the bottom of torn stitches. Then passed to the inside, working my way back up.

A neat and tidy repair
While repairing the tear, I found a snap that also need to be re-sewn. Two mends at the same time… (LOL)

This pink dress, given to me by my son, has had mending in the past (maybe I didn’t mention it here in the blog). I was having a problem of the buttons slipping out of the button hole when I wore the dress. It also kinda bothered me that the buttons were black when the fabric print had brown (where was no black in the whole print). I took the dress with me on a button safari. I took my time to hold the dress up to any potential buttons. You see the ones I liked the best. They are metal and look like aged brass. I like that they are a natural material and the color goes super well.

Having purchased the items to repair the last wind chime, there was some left over. My mom had the above wind chime hanging at her house. It had also hung at her mother’s house (my grandmother). But the metal bars had fallen off long ago. It only took around 20 minutes to replace all the wire. I’m glad that it is done!

DW managed to catch a pair of shorts on something that left this odd shaped tear. I had recently found “Learning a Craft” on YouTube. The repairs are amazing and invisible or nearly so. DW just wanted to donate the shorts. I wanted to try my had at the repair, attempting to use the same technique as the YouTuber.

I’m aware that my repair is more visible than invisible. The hole is fixed and these shorts have already been seen in the mix of yard work clothes.

Remember the umbrella that recently had it’s strap fixed? Well it found it’s way back into my mending pile.

A generous amount of Shoe Goo inside the metal collar and another between the “ruffle” and actual umbrella before pressing it firmly all together again. I chose Shoe Goo because it is meant to move when dry, not become hard and brittle. I left the umbrella open to dry.

All better!