My new Christmas Scarf

Christmas is fast approaching as are the many catalogs.  In fact, they have been arriving daily since before Halloween!  Usually I consider them great fire starting material, but sometimes something will catch my eye.


This scarf had a lovely print on it that would carry me all the way through the Yule Tide season.  It also had little tiny bells all along the short edges of the scarf!  (squeeeeeeee).  I just HAD to have it.  I ordered it and received it awhile ago, but I was NOT going to wear it before the Thanksgiving holiday had passed.  The day after the holiday, I was sporting this lovely, beautiful scarf.

Sometimes when I order things through the mail, I am disappointed in the quality.  Not in this case though.  I was actually pleasantly surprised.  It was nice and soft to the touch.  I had figured that it was a synthetic of some kind, but I was WRONG.  It turned out to be 90% wool and 10%  cashmere.  I am super duper pleased!  Did I mention that it also comes with bells?  (squeeeeeeee)

Upon returning home from my first outing with my new lovely, I noticed that some of the bells had come off.  This is no way made me think less of the quality of the scarf.  Sometimes threads come undone.  I was able to capture most of the little escapees, and the whole thing ended up in my mending pile.


But not for long…

I was missing a few little bells, but a trip to the local craft store fixed that lack.  Scarf is all better again, and will be going on many, if not all, of my outings this holiday season.

Do you incorporate a special wardrobe piece during the holiday season?  What is it?