Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #16 – Tulip

The Tulip

The Nancy Page quilt club met at Nancy’s for the next to the last block. Her home was a riot of color for there were pots of tulips everywhere and that gave the members the clue for the day. “Of course, our flower is the tulip.” On the table were bits or yellow, orange, deep red, lavender. purple, and striped pink and white. “You guessed right. It is the tulip and since tulips are such gorgeous affairs I am giving you a wide choice in colors. Take whatever you want. I suggest that you make all three tulips of different colored material. These are all fast colors, and of about the same weight. You are safe in any choice you may make.”

“You will notice that all three tulips are cut from same pattern so that one flower will be all you need to use in cutting the various pieces of goods.” .

The members took the pattern as given today and pasted it on light weight cardboard or tag board and dried it under pressure.

While it was drying they talked about the tulip craze in Holland years ago and the various stories and legends attached to the flowers. They spoke of the fortunes made by tulip growers in those far off days. And as thy talked they finished appliqueing the handle of the basket to the white triangle which was pieced onto the basket block.

When the pattern was dry they cut it into parts with sharp scissors. Laying the leaf patterns on green and the flower on colors they cut the pieces allowing one-quarter inch on all sides for turning under when the pieces were appliqued. The stems were cut from a bias strip of green. The strip was cut twice as wide as pattern and raw edges were turned back until they met on under side. These edges were basted and .stem was pressed. When the pieces were ready they ware pinned in place as shown in small insert pattern in corner of today’s pattern. Then they were appliqued with fine, slanting, invisible hemming stitch to white triangle. The block was one of the gayest and one of the prettiest thus far.

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16 Mar 1929, Sat  •  Page 41

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