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Daughters of Genius BOM – 1 & 2

I have no idea where time keeps going! My plans are always to stay on top of serial type posts. Then the clock and the calendar speed up while I am not looking. :-/

Each September a new session of Grandma’s Attic Quilt club begins. Rachel (the Grandma, and owner, of Grandma’s Attic) is a historian by training. Each year quilt club has a different historic focus or theme. This year the focus is “Daughters of Genius”. Each month we learn about a women from history that had an impact, but wasn’t celebrated for her contribution.

September was about Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, President Abraham Lincoln’s step mother.

This month of October focuses on Lady Jane Franklin.

If this was the only thing about the club, it would be worth it to me. But it isn’t everything, there is so much more! Each month there is a kit to make a quilt block. At the end of the year, if all the blocks have been completed, there are 12 blocks to be made into a full size quilt. In the previous years, each month the blocks were different patterns in coordinating colorways. The 12 blocks were to be made into a “sampler” quilt. This year the blocks are all the same pattern from one of the 4 colorways: red/green, purple/white, blue/white, and/or red/white. The color choice is quilter’s choice, I chose purple. 😉

But wait… there’s more!

Every month we also receive The Grandma Gazette. This month talks about Leaf Quilts, American Life in the Year 1941 (Fun facts from 78 years ago), Peanut butter cup cookies recipe, an article about ladies ankles showing in fashions from 1913, A couple of puzzles and an advise column.

In past quilt clubs there was also embroidery patterns that accompanied the theme of that year’s club. This year we are receiving an additional quilt block pattern with a piece of fabric to be used when making this block. These blocks are to be themed to the time of year we are currently in. This month the block is for a leaf pattern with fall themed fabric. If we choose to make them, we will have blocks (or things made using the blocks) that can be displayed and changed out throughout the year.

This month we also received The Country Register. This paper is printed every other month. I love sitting down and reading through them, especially at this time of year when we are returning to soup & sweater weather!

If you can’t make it into the store, the blocks can be mailed directly to you! (you will not be eligible for the door prizes though) 😉

(Just so you know… I do not receive any monies from anything or anyone that I have blogged about)