Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #5 – California Poppy

The California Poppy

When Nancy announced to the members of the quilt club that the poppy would be the next flower in Grandmother’s quilt there arose a great discussion as to whether it should be the Shirley poppy, the California flower or the poppy that covers Flanders field. Of course, these vary in size and shape of petals, but in a conventionalized quilt pattern that difference is not important. However, their choice finally settled on the California flower.

The red poppy might well go on a quilt of red and green and white, but for this modern “old-time” quilt which was using pastel shades it seemed better to keep to the rose, but the others decided on a soft orange shade. Rummaging in softer colors. One member said her poppy was going to be pink, in almost all piece bags they found bits of fast color gingham left from summer dresses and since soft orange had been a popular color nearly every one found pieces large enough for her poppy block.

The block as shown in today’s paper was pasted onto light weight cardboard or tag board. This was dried under pressure. Then the various parts were cut out and used as patterns. Dotted lines indicate overlapping petals cut full size.

In cutting the flowers and leaves quarter inch allowance was made on all sides. The stems were cut from bias strips of green. They were twice as wide as pattern and raw edges were folded back until they met in centre and basted In place. The quarter inch was turned in with small basting stitches on flowers and leaves.

After the pieced basket had been attached to the triangular white block on which the handle was appliqued the pieces of today’s design were laid In place as shown In the small insert of finished basket block. They were basted In place and then fastened with slanting, invisible hemming stitches, applique petals in order indicated by numbers in basket insert. French knots of orange were put in at centre.

Was it strange that the members grew sleepy as they worked? Not at all, because the poppy always crowned Somnus. the God of Sleep of the Ancients.

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
29 Dec 1928, Sat  •  Page 31

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