Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #6 – Pansy

“There is pansies that’s for thought.” Every member of the club which was making Grandmother’s Garden quit had begged Nancy to design the pansy block. One member wanted to make it because she had some fast color print in lavender. Another had some yellow and black print she wanted to use. Dorothea chose bits of left over purple from the fuchsia block and scraps of figured yellow from the crocus. And one artistic soul made a success of a combination of figured soft blue and lavenders. In fact, the choice seemed to be limited only by the dominant note of color In the room in which the finished quilt would be put or by the scraps on hand.

Oberon. you may remember, told Puck to place a pansy on the sleeping eyes of Titania in order that she might fall in love with the first object she saw when she awoke. Nancy’s club all fell in love with their pansy blocks.

To make the block, take the patterns as given today and paste it on light weight cardboard or tag board. Dry under weight. Cut patterns. Lay pansy petals and leaves on material and allow one quarter inch allowance on all sides. Follow dotted lines for full size of petals. The material over- j laps appliqued. This is basted down before the pieces are applied to white block.

Cut the stems from bias green strips. Make them twice as wide as pattern end turn back raw edges to centre or strip and baste In place.

Baste pieces in place as shown in Insert of basket block. Fasten with invisible, slanting hemming stitches. Use white thread No. 80. Place petals in order as Indicated on insert. Turn in edges of all pieces even though another petal is sewed on top.

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
05 Jan 1929, Sat  •  Page 27

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