Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #7 – Trillium

Grandmother’s garden was an old fashioned one and held many wild flowers. One of the best loved, because it was one of the earliest to show its colors, was the trillium.

Of course Nancy included it in the flowers she was designing for the quilt club. They were enthusiastic about their basket quilt, and already had more orders than they could fill comfortably for the coming bazaar.

They met once a week. Each member took one special flower for her block contribution. This week it was Nona’s turn to contribute her handiwork.

Her trillium was a beautiful shade of red violet. She might have made the petals of red and striped white fast colored material, but she feared there would scarcely be enough contrast between flower and white background. Mary did use red and white and was delighted with the result.

The members were using the same shade of green for stems and leaves and so far had used the same green for all blocks. They might have varied that, making some leaves a darker green. Josephine broached that idea, having several shades of fast color green left over material. She made centre triangle of trillium a yellow green.

In the time between meeting each member pieced the basket, appliqued the handle onto the upper white triangle and then stitched the basket block and triangle together.

To this the flowers were sewed with slanting invisible stitches. Paste pattern shown today on light weight cardboard. Dry under pressure. Cut pattern when dry.

Allow one quarter Inch allowance on flowers and leaves. Turn allowance and baste. Use bias strip for stem. Cut It twice as wide and turn raw edges back to meet in center on strip. Baste in place. Pin pieces on which block as shown in today’s insert. Baste, then applique.

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
12 Jan 1929, Sat  •  Page 31

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt