Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt – Progress #4

Progress #3

Last time I update the progress on this project, I had purchased 3 colors of brown to match the brown of the pieced basket blocks. I had run out of the original fabric and wasn’t able to tell, for sure, by looking at the website. Since then I have washed and ironed all 3. The closest match did lighten after the wash. It really isn’t that far off at this point. I wanted to applique the basket handles on before combining the top and bottom triangles to complete the blocks.

My first attempt at cutting, folding, and ironing the bias strip to make the handles was a good example of “math is hard”. I thought about it and cut the strip 3/4″ on the diagonal. Cutting only one to be able to work out how the best way to make the bias strips to the correct size (to match the original pattern). Taking the 3/4″ strip to the ironing board, it was ironed in 1/2 lengthwise. Then each side was folded to the center crease and ironed, re-flattening out the center crease. Matching it to the pattern, it was too big. Measuring 1/2″, instead of 1/4″. But if it was folded in 1/2 it was too narrow. It shouldn’t have been, but it was.

Second attempt was a strip of 1″. The thinking process was if the last strip turned out a slight bit too narrow, then adding a bit would make it work out. It didn’t. For one thing, it really wasn’t necessary to fold it over so many times. All those folds (in half, then sides in to middle, then in half again) added a bit of undesired thickness.

The third attempt was a strip of 1/2″. The thought process being that the face would be 1/4″ with each 1/8″ sides being folded into the center and ironed. After burning fingertips multiple times, I decided that wasn’t my best idea.

This time it was the fourth attempt that was the charm. 😉 Cutting the strip 3/4″ (yeah, I know), it was an easy thing to fold one edge in 1/4″ and folding the second side over the first side. Voila! Now to attach it to a flowered triangle.

To find the correct placement, an appliqued triangle was placed next to a pieced triangle.

The center of each handle was marked using a pencil.

To help the handle placement stay out of the seam line of the blocks, that seam was also marked with the pencil. Noticing it was about 2 gingham stripes away from the edge, only the first one was marked with the pencil. Starting at the bottom of one side of a handle, I worked my way around on the outside first. Just manipulating the placement as I went, keeping it out of the seam and over the flowers. I had expected the handle to be a flatter curve, but they all turned out to have a little “bump” at the top. As long as they all look similar, I’m good with it.

After having worked out the width of the bias strips, the rest of the brown was cut. The pieces needed to be sewn together to make a continuous strip before ironing into shape. For me, it is always hit and miss with the correct placement while piecing a bias strip.

Eventually I remembered the way of it. Then the pieced need to be ironed flat with seams open and the extra sticky-outty bits of seam need to be cut off.

Being that it took me a little longer than I want to admit to get good at piecing the strips, I didn’t have time to iron the sides in. I thought to myself, “self, I bet you could just fold it in as you go”. Happily, for lazy me, I was correct. As of right this minute, I have gotten through all four roses,

the fuchsia,

Notice the embroidered stamens

and almost all of the crocus block.

Not shown, but I have also cut out all the pieces for the Harebell, California Poppy, and the Pansy blocks. With any amount of luck, I will catch up soon. 😀

Progress #5