Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #14 – Forget Me Not

 “Oh goody, I am so glad we are going to use more blue in this quilt. I had some pieces left over from the blue bells of Scotland and I did want to have another patch of blue in my flower quilt.” “Well, of course we could not have Grandmother’s garden without the forget-me-not. To tell the truth, though, I am using the bluet today which Is easier to applique and which Is often mistakenly called the forget-me-not.”

“The bluet Is really a Quaker lady or as sometimes known ‘innocent’ but under any name whatever it is a dainty little flower.” So they started to make the flower. The members of the Quilt club had their basket block all pieced, handle appliqued on white triangle ready for the flowers. They proceeded thus:

They laid the newspaper pattern on light , weight cardboard or tag board : and pasted it with library paste and dried it under pressure. With sharp scissors they cut the pattern Into Its parts. The two flowers are drawn from same pattern, one overlaps In appliqueing. The flowers and leaves are cut from material allowing a quarter inch for turning In on all sides. The stems are cut from a piece of bias material cut twice as wide as pattern. The edges of stem pieces are folded to meet on underside and basted in place. Then the stems are pressed. Green is used for both stems and leaves. Flowers are of blue. The centres of flowers are embroidered, in brilliant yellow.

After edges are turned on all pieces, pin in place and then applique as shown in small insert pattern in corner.

While they worked Esther told of the legend which called these flowers the symbol of peace and prosperity If only one will be content with his lot. Like the blue bird the bluet signifies contentment and happiness at home. Longfellow called the blue and gold flowers the stars of the earth since the stars in heaven are the forget-me-nots of the angels.

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
02 Mar 1929, Sat  •  Page 35

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt