Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt – Progress #13

Progress #12



This is our last flower block for this quilt. In some ways, I will miss the whole process of choosing the fabric for each block and watching the flower come to “life” as it is sewn down.

Like the last few blocks, I pin all the pieces that are in the same layer before starting to sew. As the flowers are overlapping the stems, they are in the second layer.

Interestingly enough, the scalloped edge of the flower was surprisingly difficult. Most of the flower pieces, the edges were turned over the Steam-A-Seam lite and ironed. Then the turned edges were stuck to the S-A-S, before putting into place and slip stitching down. The scallops of these flowers made this technique awkward. The flatter edge was easy to just finger press and turn over the usual way. For the scallops, the seam allowance was clipped in the valleys. Then the seam allowance was sewn down using the needle turn technique.

As with earlier multi-layer flowers, the flower was built layer by layer before attaching it to the block. Here the flower is all ready to be attached to it’s stem.

Placing the flower on the light box, for placement, it is much more apparent that the flower did need to be “built” before attaching it to the stems. Otherwise I would have been unable to see placement marks as each successive additional layer was added.

Looking closely at the flower it is obvious to me that this placement will not allow the flower to actually cover the top of it’s stem as the seam allowance is turned over. In real life, I didn’t notice this at all. I didn’t notice it until I had made it most of the way around the flower. To fix this issue, the stem had to be removed and moved up. All in all, it turned out fine.

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