Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt – Progress #14.5

So my plan was to have the quilt top all pieced together to show you this past Saturday. When I was laying out the blocks to see how I would sew them together,

I realized that the Balloon Flower was missing it’s embroidery.

Not wanting to embroider on the block after it was part of a larger whole, I had to pause the whole layout phase.

The embroidery lines were traced onto the flower using the light box and a pencil.

Then came time to Google images of balloon flowers. Most of the blue flowers had yellow parts with a hint of blueness in the very center.

It was a little odd trying to translate a 3D image into a 2D representation of the balloon flower. I think I did pretty well.

Going back to the layout. I started by looking at the original image at the very beginning. It really wasn’t very specific, except for the 4 roses in the corners. It seemed most likely that the flowers were 4 across and 5 down. Being that the placement of flowers was maker’s choice, I placed the flowers in rows and columns so that no two flowers of similar colors were next to each other. In the past, I have also enlisted DW’s assistance in the placement of blocks. He said I should ask my readers their thoughts on the placement of blocks.

So, Dear Readers, do you like the placement as is?

Or do you have different suggestions?

If so, what are they?