Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt – Progress #9

The Morning Glory

Progress #8

Yup! You guessed it… stems first

Leaves and then the flower

Here I deviated from the original instructions for this quilt project. Looking at images of morning glory flowers many of them, if not all, had a lighter colored throat visible.

An additional “flower” was cut from the lighter lavender fabric and then trimmed down in a smaller mirror image of the darker flower. Using the light box, the embroidery lines were traced onto the lighter fabric.

As The lighter “center” part of the flower was being sewn on, it just wasn’t working as intended. It just took up too much of the dark part of the flower.


After using the light box to pencil in the embroidery lines, I decided that I really didn’t need to get fancy with this.

What do you think of this block?

Do you think deviating from the original instructions was a good idea? Why or why not?

Progress #9