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Piecing the Baskets

  • Make two pairs of half-square-triangles. Sew a white edge to a buff edge. Iron the seams to the dark side. Place them in the basket pattern, making sure the white triangles are pointing upward.
  • Sew the white/white half-square triangle to one of the pairs along the buff side, making the pair a row of three squares. Be mindful to keep the seam horizontal as all the other blocks. Lay these blocks back in the basket pattern.
  • Attach a buff triangle, with points downward, to the top of each row. Iron seams to the dark side. Place the blocks in the basket pattern.
  • Keeping the basket pattern in mind, attach another buff triangle to the right side of the third row. Keeping the point downward. Iron the seam to the dark side. The third row has become a large triangle.
  • Carefully match the seams of row #1 with row #2, in the basket pattern. Then match the seam of row #3 with row #2. Iron all the seams. All the buff triangles will be pointing downwards.
  • To make the basket sides, lay out the pieces in the pattern of the basket. Flop the white triangles, right side to right side, over onto the rectangles they are to be sewn and pin. Sew a white triangle to the top of each rectangle. When the seams have been ironed, both white triangles should point downward. Done correctly, the pieced sets singular to the right and left sides of the basket.
  • On the opposite short side of each rectangle, attach a buff triangle. The buff triangles will be pointing up, creating the base of the basket. Iron the seams to the dark side.
  • Sew the pieced rectangles onto the sides of the basket. After ironing the seams the basket is nearly complete.

  • Sew the larger white triangle to the bottom of the basket, with the point downward. With all the seams ironed this has completed the basket.


Only 19 more to go…

(If desired, all the baskets required for the quilt may be made at one time in an assembly line fashion)