The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #11 – Camellia

October 8, 1933

Block No. 11 – The Camellia


Today’s block of the Modernistic flower Quilt, No. 11, represents a camellia. Normally the blossom is red or white and resembles a rose, but this one turned out t0 be a crossbreed, a study in pink.

The bloom is in three pieces, the largest, upon which the other tow are set, being of a light but not insipid pink; the next largest a deeper but related pink, and the inner petal still darker, almost a red. The center dot on the inner petal is put in with red floss.

The color of the bud is the intermediate pink used in the flower and the stitching is dark pink.

Stalk and leaf are green, as usual, and so is the inset in the upper left corner. The bands of this inset, inward from the corner, are red, the back-ground color (black or buff), green and yellow. Color bands of the inset at top are, from the corner in, red yellow and green.

The large semicircle, lower left, is green and its accompanying over-lapped circle red. In order of size downward the remaining color spots are red, green, yellow and green.

The leaf stitching is yellow.

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