The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #13 – Calla Lily

October 22, 1933

Block No. 13 – The Calla Lily


Block No. 13 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt presents the Calla Lily, another light-colored flower and a very stately one. This, if any of the light blossoms, may be pure white, but here again a very light cream will give the same effect and make for better contrast.

Stamen and the stitching indicating the lip-flare of the flower are yellow. Leaf stitching, too, is yellow.

To add needed color, you may make the stem, partially covered by a leaf, purple, and purple, too the V-shaped device beside the blossom.

The triangle at lower left, the leaves, the insert above the right leaf and the inset in the upper left corner are green. Color bands in the latter are yellow, green, purple, yellow, from the corner inward.

The largest spot and the one it partially covers are, respectively, yellow and green. The other three spots, in descending order of size, are purple, yellow, and green.

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