The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #14 ~ Pansy

October 29, 1933

Block No. 14 – The Pansy


The pansy, No. 14 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt, is a more modest flower in nature than it need appear on the quilt. It has been made large enough to compete with more flamboyant blossoms and to give its own attractiveness a fair showing.

For clarity the coloring of the three petals is given as for applique. If you choose a different method, you can translate into the medium you are using.

The upper petal is in light purple and the center is stitched in yellow. The petal under that is a deeper purple and the petal under both is a purple deeper still. Dotted lines, as distinguished from broken lines, Indicate the overlap.

The triangle at bottom, the stems and the leaf are green. Stitching on the leaf is yellow. The inset at upper left is green and its color bands, inward from the corner, are red, the background color (black or buff) and yellow.

The color spots, largest first: green, half-circle yellow, green, red, red, yellow.

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