The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #17 – Lily of the Valley

November 19, 1933

Block No. 17 – The Lily of the Valley


The blossoms of the lily of the valley, 17th in the series of blocks in the modernistic flower quilt, are so tiny they have required exaggeration in size but of such grace that the exaggeration is worthwhile. Usually thought of as white, the blossoms of the mayflower – the English name for lily of the valley – are sometimes purple-streaked and even red.

But make the bell-shaped flowers pale lavender, with the stitching in dark lavender.

Stem and the inserts at upper left and lower right are green. Stitching in the former and in the stem is yellow; color bands in the latter, from the corner inward, are yellow, the background color (black or buff) lavender and yellow.

The snipped-off dot at lower left is green. It overlaps a yellow spot. The remaining circles, downward in size, are green, lavender, and yellow.

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