The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #18 – Dahlia

November 26, 1933

Block No. 18 – The Dahlia


No. 18 of The Modernistic Flower Quilt is the dahlia. Of the infinite alternatives in color the dahlia offers, many are barred to applique representation because of the complex mixtures crossbreeding has developed.

Partly for their own sake and partly for a balance of color on the completed coverlet, yellow and orange have been selected.

The flower is in three parts, plainly indicated, with the outer, largest piece in bright yellow, the next, overlapping, in orange and the center yellow.

The bud is yellow and its stitching orange.

Leaves are green and their stitching yellow. The corner inset is green with color bands, inward from the corner, of orange, the background color (black or buff) and yellow. The stem is green.

The color spots, the largest first and ranging downward in size, are green, half-circle yellow, green, lavender, and yellow.

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