The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #19 – Morning Glory

December 3, 1933

Block No. 19 – The Morning Glory


This flower, block No. 19, of The Modernistic Flower Quilt, is included to enable the user of the coverlet who retires with the poppy to greet day with the morning glory.

The cup is purple, its stitching yellow and the dots lavender. Of the two pieces between the flaring mouth of the cup and the upper end of the stem the first is purple – part of the flower – and the second, the calyx, is green.

The leaves, the stem and the insert that curves along the stem bellow the flower are green.

The tendrils, characteristic of the twining plant, are stitched in light green. Leaf stitching is yellow.

The inset at upper right is green, with bands, from the corner in, of yellow, the background color (black or buff) and purple.

The largest color spot is green and partly covers one of lavender. The remaining three, in descending size, are green, yellow, and lavender.

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