The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #20 – Trillium

December 10, 1933

Block No. 20 – The Trillium


The trillium, appearing in block No. 20 of The Modernistic Flower Quilt will be more conspicuous on the coverlet, by reason of the contrast of its white petals and green leaves, than it is in the damp woods of spring.

The petals may be white, with yellow stitching, or they may be the palest of lavenders, with lavender stitching. In either case the central dot is yellow.

Like the other light-hued flowers, the trillium requires additional color in the block. Color bands in the inserts at upper left and lower right are yellow, the background color (black or buff) and orange, inward from the corners. Both inserts are green.

The leaves, I their characteristic trefoil arrangement, are in one piece, overset by the flower, and are green with yellow stitching. The stem and the big semi-circle at the left edge are green.

The largest color spot is green; the spot it overlaps is yellow. Dividing the remaining six spots into three pa8rs and naming the largest first, they are, upper left yellow and green, upper right green and orange and the third pair green and yellow.

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