The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #23 – Bleeding Heart

December 31, 1933

Block No. 23 – The Bleeding Heart


The bleeding heart, block No. 23 of The Modernistic Flower Quilt, in natural color is of rather anemic hue, in view of its name. you can inject iron into the three specimens pictured above, making the main petals dark red and the three pendant drops of a lighter red.

The insert at lower left is green, as is the stem and the device that curves along it. Bands in the insert, from the corner inward, are red, the background color (black or buff) and lighter red.

The quadrant at upper right is green. The dot tied by stitching to the small end of the stem is deep red, like the upper parts of the flowers. That stitching is green and so is the stitching constituting the stems that attach the flowers to the main stalk.

The unattached dots are, in order, ranging downward in size, green, half-circle light red, green, red, and light red.

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