The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #24 – Gladiolus

January 7, 1934

Block No. 24 – The Gladiolus


There may be dispute about the pronunciation of the name of this week’s subject, No. 24 in The Modernistic Flower Quilt, but there can be no argument about the beauty and brilliance of the gladiolus.

The four blooms on the stalk in the design pictured above are orange and the rectangles and stitching at the center of the flowers are yellow. Instead of overlapping the blossoms, you can cut the pairs in one piece, each and separate them by stitching in the background color, black or buff.

The insert in the upper right corner is green, as usual, and so are the leaves, stem and the three buds above the blossoms.

The bands on the inset, from corner inward, are yellow, green, and orange.

The dots, in order downward in size, are green, half-circle orange, yellow, green, yellow.

Next week the final flower block, the marigold, will appear.

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