The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #25 – Marigold

January 14, 1934

Block No. 25 – The Marigold


With block No. 25 we come to the last of the 25 flowers that appear on The Modernistic Flower Quilt.

The third syllable of its name sufficiently indicates the color in which the marigold will appear. The stitching on the blossom is yellow.

Stem, leaves, the triangle at the left and the large half circle at the end of the stem, connected by green stitching, is yellow.

The inset is green, as usual, with bands, inward from the corner, of the flower-orange, green and yellow.

The largest color spot is green, partially covering a yellow spot. The remaining two are orange.

Next week the final block will appear, the pattern for the quilting block.

Last week: Gladiolus

I didn’t find the quilting pattern in the newspapers, online. I was really bummed. THEN… when I was putting all of the blocks into a notebook, along with the few block patterns that had been cut out of the original newspapers, I came across the actual quilting pattern!!!

I hope you enjoyed this series!  😊