The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #5 – Nasturtium

August 27, 1933

Block No. 5 – The Nasturtium


Block No. 5 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt pictures two spurred blossoms of the nasturtium – one head-on, one from the side. The first, at upper left, is in three pieces, plainly indicated by the pattern. Make them yellow, with the stitching and the central dots orange. The second flower is the same color and takes the same colored stitching.

The two sections of stem are darker green than the leaves – the only necessary variation in green in the entire series, and the leaves are stitched in yellow.

The inset below the leaves and the inset at upper right are leaf green. Color bands in the latter are, from the corner inward, yellow, the background color black or buff and orange.

The left-hand dot is orange, the spot of similar size at the top green and the third yellow.

Material: satin, sateen, percale, gingham or felt.

Colors: solid, decided colors, even in lighter shades. The green may be uniform throughout. Colors repeated from the flower proper in design insets should be identical with the colors in the flower. The spots are part of the design and for balance the color suggestions for each should be closely followed. You own taste may lead you to color combinations different but equally good. Avoid, however, the possibility of getting too much of any one color into the quilt, black flower blocks and buff quilting blocks are recommended. Alternatives are buff for both or black for both.

Method: preferably applique; allow one-half inch for turning on the blocks, one-quarter inch elsewhere. You can use wax or paint, but only with a light background. In appliqueing use an invisible hemstitch, except for buttonholing on parts too small to handle otherwise.

Further details appear with the all-over pattern

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