The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #7 – Sunflower

September 10, 1933

Block No. 7 – The Sunflower


Block No. 7 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt will blaze with the brilliant gold of the sunflower. This is one flower which not even a modernistic treatment could sensibly present in anything but its own sun-color.

The petals, therefore, will be a golden yellow. The centers are a deep brown. The overlapping of the flowers is made clear in the design. Stalk and leaves are green and the stitching on the leaves, indicated by broken lines, is yellow.

The inset in the lower right corner is of the same material as the leaves, and so are the green dots. In this inset the bands between the wavy lines are, from the corner inward, orange, the green of the inset and the petal yellow.

The large spots, top and bottom, are green and the accompanying half dots are, upper yellow, lower orange. The remaining three dots, in order from the largest downward, are yellow, orange, and green.

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