The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #8 – Iris

September 17, 1933

Block No. 8 – The Iris


The iris, on block No. 8 of the modernistic flower quilt, grown white, golden, or purple in nature. The purple iris, which is a native of America, has been chosen for this block – not on patriotic grounds, but because several flowers yet to appear are more characteristically yellow-hued.

The bloom is in three parts, one including the four main petals in deep purple, the second the inset petal of lighter purple and the third the diamond at the heart of the blossom, in deep yellow.

The bid is of the same deep purple as the outer petals of the open flower.

Leaves (or blades) and stem are green. The triangles above and below the flower are the same green.

The circles are, from the largest downward, green, yellow, half-circle light purple, dark purple and the smallest, yellow.

All stitching is yellow.

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