The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #9 – Rose

September 24, 1933

Block No. 9 – The Rose


Next in the series of blocks for the Modernistic Quilt is the rose, No. 9. This will be the red, red rose of Burns’ love song.

Select a dark, deep crimson for the largest circle of the bloom. The next largest piece, overlying that, is of a lighter red, and the circle next smallest is still lighter. The central dot is yellow.

Stems are green. The thorn is yellow. The split bud covering is green, and the bud itself is the intermediate shade of red. Use deep red stitching on the bud and yellow on the leaf.

The green inset at upper right has color bands of the darkest red, yellow and one of the lighter shades of red, named in order inward from the corner.

The largest color spot is green, overlying a yellow spot, and the three remaining, in descending order of size, are green, red and red.

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