Workbasket Wednesday #1

I would like to re-institute a weekly staple into this blog.  Actually, it has never been HERE, but it was on my last blog.

I realized, this morning, that the partial blog posts that I had written regarding ongoing gift projects were on my last blog and have gone the way of dead things on the interwebs. I was thinking about the housework apron that I made for my friend LB as a birthday gift.  I FINALLY sent it to her and she received it this last Monday.  She was very happy and I was happy with her happiness!  I was all ready to post the “making of” post, and… it was gone.  foo.

For this week, I will update you on what I have been working on currently.

Once a month I go with friend(s), my companion Pixie, and sometimes grandsons out to a local quilt shop to what is known as Quilt Club.  There is a fee to join each year ($10), and a monthly fee ($10) to get the materials.  There is stories, jokes, historical research, camaraderie, popcorn, cookies, coffee, tea, water, fabric (of course), etc. Each month we receive, among other things, a pattern and fabric (in a color-way of our choice) to make the Block of the Month (BOM) that goes along with the theme of that year.  This year’s theme is “Let’s Make Cake”, so we also get recipe cards and helpful hints for the kitchen.  😀

With the packing, storage, and moving – blocks gathered in a couple of places, some even being misplaced.  As I have been finding them, I have been gathering them all together.  In the evening, on Mother’s day, I finally got a chance to cut out each block.  I put the fabric back into the zip top bag with it’s pattern for  a future moment to being to piece the blocks together.  Last week and this week, I have been squeezing out some moments here and there.

Let me show you what I have so far:

Let’s Make Cake – BOM Block #4 – Double X Autumn Floral Colorway

I would have had the American Made Autumn color way done also, but I had mis-cut some of the background fabric and will have to purchase more before I can complete that block.

I also have two other sets of blocks that are finished.  I am guessing that they are blocks #1 & #2, but I still haven’t come across the patterns that accompanied them.

Oh! In case it isn’t really clear, I am doing two autumn themed color ways this year.  The theory/plan is that they will combine into one larger quilt.

I have also been working on a few other things (no photos, at least so far):

~My poison caramel apple knitted and beaded shawl

~blue knitted blanket

~flower of the month embroidery blocks – specifically Block #7 – July – Water lily

~still unpacking and thinning down my belongings (this will be ongoing for a long time, I fear)

I hope that your week was(so far) and is(to come) a good one!


Workbasket #2