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Workbasket – W.I.P.s

This week’s works in progress

Just over a month ago I shared updated progress on many of these projects. Some of these projects have wonderful forward progress and some are frustratingly stalled or in backward motion, this being a side “benefit” of new and improved knowledge, especially if the project isn’t completely finished. Although I rarely let that stop me from taking something apart and remaking it. :-/

Pugsly Needle Felted Dog

This has been a fun and frustrating project. The potato with legs has morphed into something that resembles a pug dog. Or… I am just fooling myself. What is your opinion?

Flower of the Month Quilt – February embroidery

Finished all the yellow and all the blue.

Clock walking skirt

I’m so close to being finished with this skirt! Only the hem, and closures left…

Spool Skirt remake

This remake project started because of a shrinkage issue. It magically shrunk while hanging in my closet. The waistband shrinking enough that it is uncomfortable to wear it all day at work. I figured that I would remake it at the same time as making the new longer version, also known as the “clock walking skirt”. Besides I liked the weight of the walking skirt with the interlining fabric.

Recently Foundations Revealed opened up membership with the launching of their new Walking Skirt course. The promotional videos for this course mentioned a nugget of information that really caught my attention… To make an amazing walking skirt with wonderful movement it needs to be out of lighter fabrics and not lined. (sound of tires screeching to a halt) WHAT?!

Dolly Dearest

It is embarrassing to admit that I haven’t mentioned this project since July of last year. Having become my “car project”, I really only work on it when I have arrived early somewhere. Since the last time I posted about this, I have worked on this for almost 2 hours and 45 minutes total. I work on it so rarely and for such short amounts of time, I really don’t actually see any progress. Thankfully I included the photo last year because there is noticeable progress in a side-by-side photo comparison! 🙂

Feel the Rainbow

This amazing Targee fiber, in dye way “Skittles” was beautiful to spin

The Falkland fiber in “Sour Skittles” dye way is proving to be much different to spin than the Trgee. I have to say that I enjoyed spinning the Targee much better than the Falkland. My plan is to ply these two dye ways together to make “Sweet & Sour Skittles” yarn. (get it?) 😀