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Projects I have worked on

Bees in the Thistles

This dress pattern was designed by Brigit Pupillo and I purchased it through Knit Picks. This was for my granddaughter’s first birthday. The dress was so cute that I got enough yarn to make 2 more for my co-worker’s daughters. I am currently working on Bee’s #2.

Spinning Yarn

Ugly yarn – try #1

Back in April of last year I teased a new craft, spinning. In the past I had spun using hand spindles but hadn’t gotten very far in my mastery of the skill. In preparation for attending a beginning wheel spinning class with my son at Black Sheep Gathering 2022, friend Barb lent me one of her spinning wheels. She also went with me to purchase a spinning wheel that we found on Craig’s list (more on that wheel later). The Craig’s list wheel came with several bags of fiber and some fiber already spun onto one of the bobbins. In preparation for the Gathering, I needed to spin more on another bobbin so I could ply them together and get them off the bobbins altogether.

I made ugly yarn #2 made in class. There was lots of fiber colors to choose from and I tried some of each of them, not thinking about what they might look like it when plied together. I wasn’t trying to make “Ugly” yarn and my friends keep telling me that it isn’t “Ugly” yarn, but “Art” yarn. The yarn is far from being a consistent size and tends to be over spun.

I started ugly yarn #3 in class and finished at home. I chose these fibers because I thought they would look pretty good when spun and plied together. There were a few bits & bobs of left over fiber that didn’t spin nicely into the last yarn. Both the size and spin consistency is better with this yarn.

Ugly yarn – try #4

This yarn is looking MUCH better. I am still giving him the title of “ugly” because it is seriously over spun. I am very pleased with my progress and look forward to future spinning.


Many moons ago I showed the fabric to be made into summer dresses. You’ve been following along with the construction and reconstruction of the lemon dress. It got one more tweak, the ability to be wrapped in both directions. Both of these dresses are able to wrap in either direction, thus making them proper Hooverettes. More complete write ups on them soon.

Sexy Pirate

This was a quick turn around project. Friend Lori B emailed me a request for a sexy pirate skirt for Halloween frolicking. I needed to finish it and mail it across the country in time for the holiday festivities. Trained on the ground was a specific request.

Housework Apron

This is really two projects. The obvious one is the housework apron. Lori B’s birthday is December 30th. This apron is her 2022 birthday gift. I added a second pocket at her request. What is the second project? See the black and white sweater under the neckline of the apron? I am Frankenstein-ing together a couple of the same sweaters to make it a size to fit.

Leftover Apron

Leftover apron

I’m calling this the “Leftover Apron” because that is what I made it from. Recently Granddaughter was over and saw me in an apron. Although she is still mostly pre-verbal, she made it known that she wanted to wear my other apron that happened to be hanging in the kitchen. She really enjoyed wearing it. The next time she came over she wanted to wear it again. I decided that she needed an apron of her own. I used the leftover fabric from making Lori B’s birthday apron. The ruffle was left over from the copious amounts of white ruffle that I had made to put on the Happy Hooverette dress. The bit of lace was something from the stash. I think it worked out pretty well, what do you think?

GD wearing her very own apron

Flower of the Month

Flower of the Month Embroidery quilt block – February Violet

It has been awhile since I have had time to work on embroidering the February Flower of the Month quilt block. It is hard to see any progress without checking back on the last time it had made it into my workbasket.

What have you been working on lately?