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Workbasket Wednesday

In my usual, pre Covid-19, world Wednesday was for Knitting Night.  Therefore it should be the best day of the week to get some knitting done, Right?

Wrong.  Over an hour of knitting left me with 2 rows fewer than I started with.  :-/

(I figured out that it was Tuesday, not Wednesday.  Maybe that was why…)


Another pair of gloves. These are also a gift for a friend.  I thought I would take advantage of momentum to rock out another pair (or two – I still haven’t made myself any). At the store, this yarn looked like a muted brown.  I call these “brown gloves” on my project list.  However, in the light of day, I’m thinking it may be grey.  What do you think?

A pretty and functional window well

The window well project was started 3+ years ago with the removal of the metal one that was too small.  Because it was too small, it allowed the ground and therefore water come in contact with the wood window sill.  It had mostly rotted away. Taking measurements of the window and the arc of stones it was decided that the hole was not large enough or deep enough (the bottom of the window well (the top of the red stone pavers) needed to be at least 6″ below the window sill). Many hours later the hole was large enough and the pavers could be laid and the cottage stone stacked. The reason why it isn’t finished… Because every other row needs 1/2 wide blocks.  Cutting the blocks was not as easy as it seemed on the internet. :-/ (it did get completed. Apparently I haven’t a pic)

one sleeve – only one

All was going well cutting the lemon dress out. Right up until the sleeves.  There was only enough fabric for one. Well, that is not the whole truth.  There was more fabric (upper left corner), but the pattern is going in the wrong direction. So close, yet so far.

The cuffs, pocket tops and collar is all cut from a contrasting fabric.  The fabric pattern showed through the white. The solution was to double up the white. After cutting all the pieces out I noticed that the curved collar needed to have the grain-lines going a certain way AND needed to be cut on a fold. I didn’t notice the “cut on fold” until after cutting out the pieces.

on the grain AND on the fold

To get this right I pinned one end on the grain and then adjusted the fabric until the fold was where it needed to be. After double checking the lower fabric was also on the correct grain (I was actually surprised that it was), there was just enough fabric to cut out the two pieces.


With all the doubled pieces basted together I checked the instruction for the next step.


Will I ever learn to read the instructions all the way through? Especially the original instructions from a historical pattern. Both the collar and revers need to be lined.  That means another set of collar pieces need to be cut.

3 UFO’s

The blue skirt, wedding dress and lemon dress hang on the sewing room door awaiting their next steps.  Speaking of projects waiting to be finished (or at least worked on), next week we will take a look at what is hanging on the other side of the door.

knitting: brown gloves

sewing: blue skirt, lemon dress, wedding dress alterations

Total WIP’s that I am admitting to: 4

2 thoughts on “Workbasket Wednesday

  1. Wow! I’m impressed with your determination and tenacity. I don’t know how many WIP I have, so you’re doing very well, lady! I have to say gray and the knitting session wasn’t really knitting was it? I miss you, dearie! Hugs may not be a part of our greetings for a long time, so sad!