Workbasket ~ Brown Knit Gloves

Last week was not a good knitting week.  On Tuesday I made it back to even with where I started by the end of the day.  Wednesday, being knitting day, was supposed to be my lucky day, nope.  A few rows would be knitted and a stitch would be dropped.  Commence tink-ing back down to the dropped stitch, fix it, and carry on.  The stitch wasn’t always only one row down.  During the tink-ing process another stitch or two may have been dropped. Thus more tink-ing.  For those that don’t know, Tink-ing is un-knitting, one stitch at a time.  It is a fairly slow process (at least how I go about it). After an hour, I gave up and pulled it out.  All the way down to the cuff to start anew.


After the successful completion of each repeat of the lace pattern, a life-line was put in.  A weird thing always happens when I stop and put in these life-lines, there are few, if any, errors going forward. :-/


Finally forward progress. Successful completion of 2 lace repeats and thumb gusset!


Even managed to get partially through the 3rd lace pattern

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With the invaluable assistance of the life-lines, the thumb was created as well as the rest of the lace pattern.  Time to start on the fingers.


Ok… it has been awhile.  I finished all the fingers and the glove above is ready to have the ends worked in and the pinky side sewn together.

Left glove – Mostly done

The next part of this project is to send it to my friend to try on.  Once I know the glove fits correctly, I will start on the second glove.


knitting: brown gloves – left glove done

sewing: blue skirt,

lemon dress – coller and revers on. sleeves made and not attached,

wedding dress alterations – going well, starting on veil

embroidery: 15 flour sack towels (counting as each because it takes considerable time to finish each one)


embroidery: 2 flour sack towels

sewing: 12 masks, 2 headbands (keep work issued masks from hurting the back of ears)

Total WIP’s: 19

***NOTE*** I am without phone at the moment.  new pictures will be coming soon-ish

One thought on “Workbasket ~ Brown Knit Gloves

  1. I’ve had weeks like yours. Glad to see you made progress and the glove is gorgeous. Which mask are you making? The one with elastic circles that go behind your ears or the ones that have four ties? I have an extra set of patterns for the four tie ones that I adapted after reading some early reports from healthcare workers that the four tie are much better and conform better to the face.