Workbasket Wednesday – Knitting Night Treats

Previously in my workbasket

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) our knitting group agreed to meet at my house for knitting night.  I mentioned to DSH that I believed that DW kind of liked it when people came over.  She said that she hadn’t seen any canapes. If he liked people coming over there should be canapes.  When I told him what she’d said, DW said that he didn’t even know what canapes were. But he’d be glad to get DSH the ingredients to make them if she sent him a recipe.  😃

After showing DW a few pictures of canapes he got excited. Back in his restaurant days, he had regularly made crostini. He decided that is what he’d make for knitting night.  When we next went to the grocery store, he made triple sure that I got all the ingredients that he’d need. 

Last knitting night came around.  I did not say anything to him or remind him in any way.  About ½ way through the knitting night he came out into the kitchen, heated some oil and made crostini!  They were his best ever. 

It was a bonus treat night because MG’s mom had sent yummy crispy waffle type cookies with cookie butter to spread on them.  We had sweet and savory!

Back story:

For DW’s birthday this month he had asked me to make the Godiva lava cakes.  This I did. They were super easy. They were also super rich, gooey, and yummy.

He suggested that I could make them for next knitting night.  Tonight was that night. Warm lava cakes straight from the oven!

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