Workbasket Wednesday – Not working from home

I still go to work onsite each day. I have very little contact with my co-workers and no contact with clients. I am working my regular schedule which gives me 2×15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch free to work on mobile projects. Even then, I don’t always use breaks in this fashion. This adds up to very little progress happening. Oh, and, I started another project…

Here is the list of current projects:

1. Grey Layette: nothing new

2. Bee quilt: nothing new

3. 3 cotton summer dresses: nothing new

4. lace blocking – found stash: nothing new

5. Toque:


Silk & Baby Llama blend
from skein to center-pull ball
GAAAAHHH…I really should have used the swift

I believe that I forgot to mention that we are spending most of the “spare” time get the parents old house ready for sale. Getting a house ready to sell always seems to take much longer than I think it does. :-/