Workbasket Wednesday – Pink Gloves

Years ago (you may have noticed that so many of my crafting stories begin this way) I purchased pink yarn with a friend in mind.

Originally I imagined it to be over the knee stockings with clock-work at the ankle.  This was within a year of my learning to knit, and that project was never completed (or even started).

Fast forward to the future that is now and I decided to make the same friend a pair of gloves.  I have used this pattern several times and found it to be reasonably easy to do.  It is a vintage pattern and calls for knitting the gloves and fingers flat and sewing them up afterwards.



I have done it that way and have also knit the fingers on DPN’s, so as not have an additional seam inside of each finger.  This time I decided to knit it flat and seam up the fingers. A thumb and two fingers in and I changed my mind.  I wasn’t too upset by this decision (because if you have been following me for any length of time, you know that frogging is kinda my jam) and proceeded to pull out the two fingers that were still flat.


The thumb I had sewn up, so it took a little bit of effort to unpick the sewing before I could frog the thumb.  My plan was to frog until I was at the base of the actual thumb, but stop right at the top of the thumb gusset.  Unfortunately I decided to pay attention to something on the television and went a little too far.  When I realized what I had done I came to the conclusion that it was just easier to frog all the way back down to the ribbed cuff, instead of trying to figure out where I was in the gusset increases.

Back down to the cuff


Headed in the correct direction… again.

One thing that I forgot to mention was my friend has large hands and long fingers. The initial practice ribbing was really tight. The fix?  Went up 2 needle sizes and doubled the yarn.  It is making a much larger glove.  Hopefully it is large enough.  Perhaps when this glove is finished I will send it as a single.  That way, it could be tried on.  If it works, great!  Then the second glove could be made to match.  If it doesn’t fit, then it could be returned for adjustments.  Yah, I like that idea…

As happens all the time, these gloves got set aside for other projects.  Specifically a flannel nightgown and 2 more Boutis sachets (for the same friend the gloves are for). I’m not sure if that contributes to more frequent errors or not, but it has seemed like there have been a generous numbers of time frogging back to the latest life-line. Another project in which I get my money’s worth out of the yarn with all the times that it is knit and re-knit.

Using the Double pointed needles (DPN’s) I started on the new and improved thumb with no internal seems. Essentially a tube that is closed at one end. Doing the thumb and fingers this way is fairly easy with the challenge being the juggling of 5 sharp pointy bamboo sticks (DPN’s). It wasn’t long before I was starting the 3rd finger.

Enter a caption

Left glove is finally finished and mailed off to LB to check the fit before jumping into the right glove. (I forgot to take a pic before boxing it up)  🙁