Workbasket – Reasons I am slow

Slow to get WIP’s done & slow to post. There is all the other life that takes precedence: work, yard work, house work, shopping, grandma time, girlfriend time, online college (don’t even get me started on this one (insert long suffering eye roll here)), etc.

When I finally have time in my sewing room, I am rushing to get ANYTHING done that I often neglect pausing to take photos. This means that I have less material to put on the posts.  With less material to work with, I am less inspired to blog.

I have also been playing with the idea of making Youtube videos.  I have been surprised at how much work is involved in that whole process.  Setting up the camera, taking the video, moving the camera, more video, learning to edit video, editing video…

Sometimes I have self-talk about the amount of different things that I enjoy doing.  Too many total? Too many different kinds? Too disorganized? (Recently Gson#1 informed me that I “really need lots of help” to clean up my sewing room) :-/

I did take time to clean and organize.  This also took time away from creating.

How many projects do you have at any one given time?  How many different types of things do you do?