Workbasket – WIP Confession

I have many more unfinished projects than I have admitted to. Going forward I am going to refer to them differently.  I really like the way that Hannah does it on her blog quietwatercraft, she gives a number of WIP’s.  Then I will only show updates of the projects that I have made any progress on.  😀

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to go through two of my “stashes”.  My stashes are comprised of fabric, yarn and most importantly WIP’s. Although I only made it through 2, I have found several WIP’s:

_____quilts, _____embroidery, _____tatting, ______knitting, _____sewing.

These are not a complete list, only the ones that I have located so far.  I also took the time to gather each element of each project into a bag of it’s own. Pieces of projects tend to wander off, all on their own.  This makes it hard to finish things.

The other thing that I have been busy with is going through my thread stash and yarn stash. Some time ago I had decided that I could work with natural products as well as synthetic ones.  My plan was to use up what I had and only purchase natural (or blends with a majority of natural fiber) going forward.  Sadly, I am really slow knitter and have very little time to sew to use the old stash up.  So I made the time to separate into the keep stash and the donate stash.

The day after I finished a friend on facebook posted this:

“Do you have extra spare yarn you could spare?

This guy crochets in between EMS shifts. Our EMS members are working lots and lots of shifts these days. And when most of them finally gets off, isn’t like they can just relax and fall asleep. The adrenaline is still pumping.

The work is intense – physically and mentally. I’m so glad that Isha Isa has a meditative practice that restores a bit of balance in the midst of the unrelenting awfulness of this pandemic.

The only thing is that he’s running out of yarn. And as he said, “Michael’s is closed so it’s not like I can go get more.”

I assured him that the kind, compassionate knitters and crocheters of the internet would help to restock his yarn stash.

If you send him yarn, he’s happy to send you back a blanket. Or, I bet that if you don’t need a blanket yourself, he would give the blanket he makes to someone else who might need a bit of comfort.

FDNY EMT Isha Isa Abdulkarim-Middleton
Station 17
1080 Ogden Ave
Bronx, NY 10452″

I now have a place to donate my yarn!!!!  It was meant to be.

Without further ado, my workbasket update:


I finished the hat for my friend.  Put it in the mail today.

Cuff done and pattern started
Just finished the thumb gusset
Achieved thumb!

It has been awhile since I finished the first glove.  I mailed it to LB, she tried it on, sent me a photo and it fit.  To be honest, I had first sock glove syndrome.  I was dreading having to make the second glove while remembering to reverse the pattern.

After finally starting, do you know what I discovered?  I have been enjoying the knitting of this second glove even more than knitting the first one.  When working the pattern in reverse, it is much easier to knit the pattern!  In fact.  When I finish this glove I am going to jump into another set for a different friend, MJ.  I was even planning on starting with the right glove first… but then I would dread doing the left glove of that pair.  Better I leave it as a reward for finishing the first glove.  😉

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