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Like most people, I wear many hats: mom, grandma, daughter, sister, cousin, partner, friend, teacher, knitter, seamstress, admin professional and so many more.

I’d love to share my adventures in crafting, travel, motorcycles, and family. Occasionally I may also share thoughts, ideas, recipes, and insights that I discover along the way. 

I hope you will join me on this journey and your trip will be a fun one!


  • Throwback Thursday ~ McCall’s 1970 ~ Past Projects
    Past Projects ~ Clothes Remember when I posted about finding the Spring-Summer 1970 McCall’s  Needlework & Crafts magazine? I had shared the outfit that inspired me to snatch up the magazine and the pink dress that LoriB had chosen to be made…first.  There was so much more that I still want to share with you. … Read more
  • Workbasket ~ Pink Dress Progress
    Crochet Pink Dress: After last week’s progress I was super positive that today would be all about how this project was finished or nearly so. Sigh… no such luck. Heat, smoke, running, gym, health issues, & Barbies all having distracted me. No, I have not been watching the Barbie movie non- stop. I do hope … Read more
  • Workbasket ~
    Crochet Pink Dress: So much more progress since last time! The back, front, and both sleeves are complete! They are folded neatly and awaiting being sewn together. Meanwhile, onto the decoration! The decoration consists of 22 pink and blue crocheted flowers. Once I completed a couple of “practice” rings, I felt good about how they … Read more