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Throwback Thursday ~ McCall’s 1970 ~ Past Projects

Past Projects ~ Clothes Remember when I posted about finding the Spring-Summer 1970 McCall's  Needlework & Crafts magazine? I had shared the outfit that inspired me to snatch up the magazine and the pink dress that LoriB had chosen to be made...first.  There was so much more that I still want to share with you.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday ~ McCall’s 1970 ~ Past Projects

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Workbasket ~ Pink Dress Progress

Crochet Pink Dress: After last week's progress I was super positive that today would be all about how this project was finished or nearly so. Sigh... no such luck. Heat, smoke, running, gym, health issues, & Barbies all having distracted me. No, I have not been watching the Barbie movie non- stop. I do hope… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Pink Dress Progress

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Workbasket ~

Crochet Pink Dress: So much more progress since last time! The back, front, and both sleeves are complete! They are folded neatly and awaiting being sewn together. Meanwhile, onto the decoration! The decoration consists of 22 pink and blue crocheted flowers. Once I completed a couple of "practice" rings, I felt good about how they… Continue reading Workbasket ~

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Workbasket ~ Foxy

Crochet Pink Dress: The work on the pink dress continues. I am really just starting my crochet journey. So far, it hasn't been much different than my knitting projects in that I have to start, re-start, & re-start again before making any real progress. For this project I am working in cotton. It has little… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Foxy


2023 Running Progress Update : June & July

Monthly running progress update A quick review of goals: 700 miles for the year, or 58.34 miles for the month, or 13.47 miles a week, or 1.92 miles per day For June I ran 11 days for monthly miles of 25.74 (32.6 short of the monthly goal). We also started going to the gym. We… Continue reading 2023 Running Progress Update : June & July


2023 Running Update : Feb – May

Multi-Month running update: February To say that it was cold in February was an understatement. A quick review of goals: 700 miles for the year, or 58.34 miles for the month, or 13.47 miles a week, or 1.92 miles per day Is this what is meant by "heart wood"? Friday morning Eagle run 2/10 -… Continue reading 2023 Running Update : Feb – May

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Monthly Mending ~ May 2023

Vintage Wool Cape Putting it all back together again Several Years ago, my grandmother gave me a lovely thick wool cape. It was fun to wear and always got compliments. Someone suggested that I take a pattern from it, so they could make one. This was years ago and I have learned many new ways… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ May 2023

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Finished Friday ~ Crib & Mattress

Crib Sometime ago I found a darling doll crib on Craigslist. It was within my price range so it came home to live at my house. My idea of a Victorian crib was of black iron, not the gold color that it had been painted. My idea was that it would be of iron. One… Continue reading Finished Friday ~ Crib & Mattress

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Dolly Dearest 9 inches I really don't have large blocks of time that I can devote to working on this project. That shows in the length of time that it has taken to make the progress that I have since starting this project. Last time we chatted about this project I had made considerable progress.… Continue reading Workbasket

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Monthly Mending ~ April 2023

April Monthly Mending My plan was to get this out the first Monday of this month. The first Monday of May this year was also May 1st, my Son's 32nd birthday. Ok, so 2nd Monday, until I was sick. bleh. Feeling much better today, so here you are... 🙂 Zipper Mend Broken zipper pulls and… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ April 2023