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Dolly Dearest

Showing 9 inches of knitting progress on this Dolly Dearest Project
9 inches

I really don’t have large blocks of time that I can devote to working on this project. That shows in the length of time that it has taken to make the progress that I have since starting this project. Last time we chatted about this project I had made considerable progress. Since then I managed 24-1/2 minutes. The progress achieved is much less considerable. From just under 9 inches to a solid 9 inches.

Pink Dress

Cover of McCalls' Needlework magazine from Spring/Summer 1970
Spring/Summer 1970

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in The Dalles, Oregon on a beautifully sunny, but bitterly cold day. I wasn’t on any schedule and decided to go into an antique store and spend as much time as I wanted to. One of the things that I found was a basket full of crafting magazines. I picked one up and thought, “oh…I really don’t like the 70s”, then I flipped quickly through it. OH MY GOODNESS! I saw the perfect outfit for friend LoriB!

Crocheted outfits from McCalls Needlework magazine Spring/Summer 1970
The yellow outfit!

I was definitely getting this book! There was lots of things she liked and also many things that I like (There was plenty of other interesting things that I will also share in future posts). When I sent her the picture of the yellow outfit, she saw the pink dress. That is when this project got started. The first milestone is 20 inches.

16.5 inches of bright pink crocheted dress from the McCalls needlework magazine Spring/Summer 1970
16.5 inches of the pink dress – headed for 20


bright colorful yarn hand spun from Deidra MacKimmie's dyed Targee and Falkland fibers
Sweet & Sour yarn

I was thinking that I was going to call this plied yarn as ‘Sweet & Sour Skittles’, mainly because the Targee fiber is called ‘Skittles’ and the Falkland fiber is called ‘Sour Skittles’. Once is was worked up it reminds me more of Fruit Stripe gum. Then it struck me that I only thought of food names. Maybe it is because these fibers were scrumptious to work with. Does beautiful yarn make you think of food? All of Deidra MacKimmie’s fibers that I have worked with have been absolutely wonderful to work with.

Pocket Wheel

Pocket wheel made from cherry wood with Whoolie-Winder
Pocket Wheel with Whoolie-Winder

The other thing that happened in my spinning world was my Pocket Wheel finally arrived! <3 It is just enough different that it take some practice. It came with a Woolie Winder. This is a very cool thing. It allows the spun yarn to be played onto the spool in one even layer, instead of multiple hills and valleys. I will be able to get more yarn spun on each spool!

Flower of the Month – February

Patti-Ann Publications Flower of the Month embroidery quilt block February Violets
Just finished the purple flowers

To – Done Journals

3 of my To-Done journals
3 of my journals: finished projects, personal journal, & Yard journal

Taking pictures to share the journey through projects with you, helps me to actually see the progress. My normal default mode is to see only the amount of work unfinished. I was talking with Marylin, during this last Monday Run Day, about this very topic. It isn’t just in our crafting, it is throughout our whole every-day lives. This blog helps, especially the year end recaps.

I also keep notebooks of To-Done lists. Housework feels extra heavy to me. No matter how much I get done, there is ALWAYS more to do. Then when you get close to being done… you have to start over. My least favorite feeling is on my drive to work Monday morning when I am trying to figure out what the heck I did with all my time over the weekend. Keeping the journals help. I can go back and validate that my time wasn’t wasted. I have to write the items down as they happen, or they get forgotten. This also includes self-care! Sometimes, more often than not, I forget that I need to take time for myself. If I tell myself that I need to have something to write down on the journal page, then I have to make the time for myself.