Blue Boutis

For Christmas gift exchange I had made white on white Boutis sachets. Barely finishing  six sachets, there had been no time for the washing step before sewing the sachets into the little pillow. The washing step is to tighten the batiste fabric, closing up the holes made during the stuffing/cording stage. The washing also removes… Continue reading Blue Boutis


Make do and Mend

I missed you last week.  Between moving a parent in with us, teaching a safety class and being sick-sick-sick I didn't get much done in RL or on this blog. I did do some things though: WOW!  looking back at pics snapped while working, I was surprised that so much had gotten finished. I honestly… Continue reading Make do and Mend


Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s

Recently I have been able to post finished projects.  This is not a true reflection of my reality.  In the real world, my workbasket is full of WIP's (works in progress), UFO's (unfinished objects) and PHD's (projects half done). If they aren't in the workbasket, then they are hidden in the sewing room, allowing for… Continue reading Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s


Workbasket – Boutis Sachets

I love-love the look of white on white embroidery and quilting.  For our knitting group Christmas gift exchange I wanted to try my hand at Boutis quilting and thought lavender sachets would be the perfect small project to try. The first time seeing Boutis quilting was the Tristan and Isolde quilt. Then I saw the… Continue reading Workbasket – Boutis Sachets


Christmas 2019 – The year of the Ugly Fruitcake

Christmas for crafters begins much earlier than Dec. 6th (St. Nicholas' Day). I looked back in my project notebook to see when I actually started this year's Christmas sweaters for the grandsons.  I had neglected to even mention the project on the index page.  On the actual project page, I see 11/20/2019 as the start… Continue reading Christmas 2019 – The year of the Ugly Fruitcake