Iron Yarn Challenge

DSH, of La Tejedora Crafts, has many fun ideas. Her last one was the "Pot luck cowl". That turned out wonderfully. She also came up with the "Iron Yarn Challenge". If you have ever watched Iron Chef, you have the basic idea. We would each be given a ball of the same yarn, with which… Continue reading Iron Yarn Challenge


Historical Sew Monthly 2020!!

Last year was a bust for me getting any of the challenges done.  This year the challenges have a theme of sustainability.  Kinda my jam lately... I don't see that The Dreamstress has posted them on her site yet.  Here is a link to the blogLoose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog with the challenges for… Continue reading Historical Sew Monthly 2020!!


It is time…

Way back in February I, with several lady friends, travelled by train to Tacoma Washington for the Madrona Fiber festival.  It was a relaxing train ride up and it gave me plenty of time to work on my Poison Caramel Apple scarf.  Somewhere in the middle of the journey, I had discovered an error several… Continue reading It is time…