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Grandma’s Flower Garden ~ Progress #2

Progress on Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt has been slow. Initially, all the posts were scheduled to happen on a weekly basis. Then I discovered that the images weren't showing up on the blog posts if looked at while on mobile phones.  GAH!  Back to the drawing board... Additionally I wanted to see if I could… Continue reading Grandma’s Flower Garden ~ Progress #2

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Grandmother’s Flower Basket Quilt – progress #1

Looking back at the post regarding the pieced basket blocks, I realized that I hadn't included the picture of the original column.  That has now been corrected and it is included above the typed text. I have been unable to get the Grandma's Flower Basket Quilt column to print out in original size. I couldn't… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Basket Quilt – progress #1

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Piecing the Baskets

With the half-square-triangles completed, all the pieces were laid out in the basket pattern. Make two pairs of half-square-triangles. Sew a white edge to a buff edge. Iron the seams to the dark side. Place them in the basket pattern, making sure the white triangles are pointing upward. Sew the white/white half-square triangle to one… Continue reading Piecing the Baskets

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Making Half-Square Triangle Blocks

Place two 2.25" squares with right sides together (one white and one buff) Draw a light pencil line diagonally across the wrong side of the white square. Sew a scant 1/4" seam next to the pencil line. I was able to use the side of my presser-foot as a guide. Turn the block around and… Continue reading Making Half-Square Triangle Blocks


Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt #1 ~ Crocus

The first flower used in the Grandmother's Quilt, was the early spring crocus. There was great discussion among the members as to whether the flower should be purple, lavender or yellow. Nancy had pieces of Peter Pan gingham in the three colors. Also she had pieces of oil boiled small patterned printed calicos which looked… Continue reading Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt #1 ~ Crocus