Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #13

Progress #12 Zinnia Zinnia This is our last flower block for this quilt. In some ways, I will miss the whole process of choosing the fabric for each block and watching the flower come to "life" as it is sewn down. Like the last few blocks, I pin all the pieces that are in the… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #13


Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #12

Progress #11 Tulip The leaves and stems have already been appliqued onto the block.  It is really easy to see where to place each tulip, when using the light-box. There is some over lap on each tulip. This means 3 more trips to the light-box.  ;0) The tulip flowers are layered one on top of… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #12

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Workbasket ~ Starting A New Craft

Daughters of Genius: Last Friday was April's Quilt Club at Grandma's Attic Sewing Emporium. We are up to block #8.  This month was about Adelaide Anne Procter, a poet.  To just say that she was amazing is a serious understatement. Dickens was her contemporary and a fan of her work. There have been so many… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Starting A New Craft


Monthly Mending ~ March 2022

After so much mending progress throughout January and February, I was hoping the trend would continue. Alas, it was not to be. Only the tear in the lining of the raincoat was mended this month. It was mentioned in last month's mending, that as progress was being made more mending was also being discovered. This… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ March 2022


Workbasket ~ Getting Back On Track

There was a time that I would go to Grandma's Attic Monthly quilt club meeting, come right home, make the quilt block, do the "extra" project (usually embroidery) and have it all done right away.  I look fondly back on those days.  I have mentioned that this year Grandma's theme is "Daughters of Genius". I… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Getting Back On Track